The 3M news release introducing my I.V. Flow Regulator in 1991


3M enters gravity I.V. flow regulator market - 3M Health Care

AVI Inc., 3M Health Care has entered the gravity intravenous flow regulator market with a new disposable product being rolled out nationwide, region by region.

Minneapolis-based 3M makes no bones about having the most expensive flow regulator ($6.72 list price) on the market. "There are a lot of gravity, non-electric flow controllers out there, but we bring to the party a level of accuracy that was not there up until now," said Mary Hynan, product manager." We are higher priced than any of our competitors because we offer something the market needs--the accuracy of an electronic infusion device in a gravity-driven I.V. system."

The disposable flow regulator relies on a pressure-sensitive membrane to compensate for pressure fluctuations and provides constant volumetric output to maintain the set flow rate with [+ or -]10%. Gravity flow rates, on the other hand, can vary 50%. 3M's flow regulator self adjusts to compensate for factors that can affect flow rates, such as patient movement, venous pressure changes, and fluid head-height changes, according to the company.

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