Until 3M introduced my I.V. flow regulator, all disposable intravenous flow control devices were simple valves that were used to adjust the rate of fluid delivered to a patient.  If the fluid level in the I.V. fluid reservoir changed,or the patient moved, stood or sat, the flow rate changed.  Sometimes the rate could increase dangerously or slow to an unacceptable level. When it was necessary to maintain the required flow rate, costly electromechanical devices were used.
The 3M I.V. flow regulator compensated for the changes and maintained a reasonably constant flow rate regardless of changes in input or output pressures.  Although it was a low cost disposable device, the University of Minnesota study showed it to be as accurate or better, regulating flow rates, than some electromechanical controllers which at the time, cost almost 500 times as much.

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