Inventions that were either only prototypes or in very limited production.

Some AMROC Inventions.....

Plastic Auto Body Repair Compound

 About a year before “Bondo” came on the market, AMROC formulated and sold, a polyester based putty to replace the lead that was normally used in auto body repair shops.  The idea was so new that we had to physically demonstrate its use for each prospective customer.  Once they saw what could be done with the material, they were sold.  Unfortunately, like most startup business’s, we didn’t have the capital required to expand our production and marketing and dropped that part of AMROC’s business.  

             Pyrotechnic “Nuclear Fire Marker” Explosive  

In the 1960’s one of the products of a famous fireworks manufacturer was a pyrotechnic device used to simulate a small nuclear explosion.  It was used during military training exercises to indicate where an atomic artillery shell had landed.

Although the materials used were similar to those in standard pyrotechnics, a lot of material was required to create the effect desired.  We developed a safer pyrotechnic that could produce the same effect with far less material and at a lower cost.  We made small tests and planned to test a larger unit but could not get authorization to do it.   Since AMROC was not in the position to go into the pyrotechnics business, and had no facility for production and testing of large units, nothing was done with the material. 

     Auto  Rattle Finder

Today’s cars have few problems with rattles.  The extensive use of plastic and welded unit construction have minimized the annoying rattles that were virtually impossible to locate in earlier cars.  There was a need for a simple tool that could be use to locate these rattles while the car was standing still.  The “Rattler” was a hand held unit that would generate a broad range of audio frequencies causing the rattle to be audible at its natural harmonic.  The user could then easily pinpoint the rattle.   It worked so well that new car dealers were using them as well as independent auto body shops.

Rocket Propellant

 In the 1950’s when there was a sudden surge of interest in rockets and satellites, AMROC developed an unusual solid propellant that was more stable and lower in cost than anything normally used to fuel solid rockets.  Although the power was much less than military rockets, other properties made it desirable for long term storage and safety.  We developed a number of simple systems to test the propellant.  After determining that the propellant had merit, the U.S. Army decided to test it.  The tests confirmed our estimates of it’s properties and power.  Stability and safety were the primary characteristics they felt made it desirable for long term applications.  A sample made in the 1950’s is still viable and shows no signs of the deterioration that propellants normally go through.

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