Here are some innovative products that Amroc produced for a supplier of replacement parts to the mass transit industry.  We designed and produced some of the first FRP body panels that replaced metal part in areas of maximum exposure to fender bender accidents.  There was one particular area, just under the driver at the left front corner of the bus, that was constantly getting bumped and scraped.  The original metal panels had to be replaced often.  Amroc's FRP panel was used to replace the metal one and because of it's ability to take more abuse, outlasted the originals.  In fact, when the NYC Transit Authority ordered new buses from GM, they specified a FRP panel be used instead of the metal.  GM supplied the OEM panel which didn't fare well and most were eventually replaced by Amroc's panels.

Later, when Amroc shifted most of their FRP parts to vacuum formed ABS, we made the replacement parts look like the original riveted aluminum extrusion assemblies used on the newer buses.  You can see some of these vacuum formed bus parts here.

GMC  Directional Signal Housing
This was originally an aluminum casting.  Amroc supplied a vacuum formed ABS replacement.

Rear Engine Compartment Door Replacement Kit

This is the left rear tail light assembly supplied as part of a modification kit for a FLEXIBLE bus.  The original bus used one large hinged engine compartment door across the entire rear of the bus.  It contained the left and right tail lights at each end.  Amroc designed the three piece replacement which utilized a much lighter center door with a fixed tail light at the left and right rear corners of the bus.  The cost of the entire kit was less than the cost of a replacement door and tail light assembly.  This allowed the bus company to replace the door or the lights separately in the event of damage.  The door also was much lighter than the original.

GMC Radiator Enclosure Door

This is a good example of how an expensive aluminum component was replaced with a reasonably priced vacuum formed ABS plastic unit.  Here the final product looked like the original riveted assembly made from aluminum stampings and extrusions.  The only metal on the plastic part is the aluminum hinge extrusion at the top and the wire screen and hardware used to assemble these parts to the plastic.   The rivets on the face of the door are actually part of the molded plastic.


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