The Dynac 140 and Dynac 660 were completely portable vacuum formers designed for use in product development, packaging,  prototyping and limited production.  They were low cost, portable vacuum formers.  They filled a gap between concept and production design.
A single lever actuated the upmoving platen and controlled the vacuum application.

Both models plugged into any standard outlet and didn't require external compressed air or vacuum sources.  They were completely self contained and looked smart enough to fit into any office decor.  The smaller Dynac 660 was about the size of a small copier when it was closed.  It weighed about 25 pounds  and cost less than three hundred dollars in 1965.

Both machines  made unique use of plastics in their construction.  The plastic housings were vacuum formed.  The heater handle and operating lever knobs were cast in vacuum formed molds made on one of the Dynac machines.
Although they were designed for  small shops,  machines were purchased by  large companies such as, Kodak, Eveready, Allied Signal, A. D. Little, etc. for use in their product and packaging design departments.   This provided them with the ability to not only design the product or package, but to also make several samples for evaluation and market research.  Going from there to production design was a lot easier and gave them unusual flexibility.

Smaller companies used them primarily for product development, but some even used them for packaging and short run production.  I still use a Dynac 660  for prototyping parts of some of my inventions, making presentation blister and skin packaging, etc.
Because vacuum forming is such a versatile process,  many applications are practical for  processes as well as products.  A company that made artificial displays for candy manufacturers was using costly electroformed paint spray masks until I showed them how they could use vacuum formed polyethylene masks made on the Dynac former.  They purchased a machine and never used electroformed masks again.

The Dynac 660 is the smaller, more compact version of the Dynac 140.  Although smaller, more compact and lighter, the Dynac 660 can form all the parts shown in the Dynac 140 literature which you can see if you click the following link.   Be patient, it may take a few minutes to load.
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