My X-ray bar code imager device concept required that a prototype be designed and built that would show the concept to be feasible as well as actually put a bar code and some alpha numerics on X-ray film.  Again, simplicity is the key.  Although the electronics involved are sophisticated, the optics and the necessary housing for them did not have to be too involved.  Proof of concept was more important than having a fancy housing, that could come later.
This "Conceptual Prototype" is used to generate the bar code and characters output from the standard notebook computer using special software.



Using the conceptual prototype to "print" bar code and alpha numeric data on X-ray film in a cassette.

An X-ray film cassette is positioned in the imager.  The desired information is generated on the computer either by calling up the relevant data base, keying in the data or scanning a bar code label on the appropriate paperwork or the patient's id bracelet.  The imager imprints the bar code together with the  information usually provided on non-bar coded X-ray images for identification of the particular X-ray.

 In addition to the bar code, the film still has the alpha numeric characters that normally would be used to identify an X-ray film.  The additional bar code allows the data linked to the particular patient to be accessed from a  data base with a simple scan of the film.  Together with the characters, the bar code becomes a permanent part of the film image.

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