Welcome....  My name is Pat Amendolia.   I am an independent inventor and consultant.  I have successfully developed, manufactured and marketed inventions to both large and small companies .  And as a Design Prototype Consultant, I worked  with clients to develop their concepts into practical prototypes.
When someone meets an inventor for the first time, they usually ask," What Have You Invented ? " Because this has often been asked of  me,  I thought it might be a good idea to answer it on a web site.  As you look through this site you will see that like most independent inventors, my inventions are not limited to any one area.  Some are strictly new concept inventions, others are innovations that were part of my work for myself and others.  And some are just "stuff" I was part of.   I have included some "stuff" here because I thought you might enjoy a  side trip,  and  may even remember some of the products involved.


The 3M I.V. Flow regulator The first disposable
I.V. Flow Regulator that compensated for changes in input
and output pressure in gravity fed I.V. fluid delivery systems.

Bar Codes are used virally everywhere in our modern society, but until now
they have never been used as an integral part of the image on radiographic
films such as X-ray's, MRI's, CAT Scan's, Ultrasound, etc. My invention makes
it practical to now place a bar code on these films.

VARILITE variable color indicator light
The VARILITE is the first "idiot light" that varies in color from RED toGREEN smoothly transitioning
through all the colors in between so that a range of information is given, rather than a "go,  no-go" indication.

DYNAC vacuum forming machines
The DYNAC's were low cost, completely self-contained vacuum forming machines suited to many of the
simple forming requirements of designers, prototypers, etc. Companies such as Kodak, Eveready Battery,
Arthur D.Little, etc. used them for new product development and sample packaging.

The 1966 TDX was a V-8 powered all  plastic monocoque car with no metal chassis.
The TDX body and chassis were constructed of foam cored fiberglass reinforced plastic.
Except for wiring and hydraulic lines,  you would hit no metal if you were to cut the TDX in half.

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