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Shock Absorber Testing Machine


There was a need to easily test large and small shock absorbers of the type used on cars, trucks and buses.  In the early 1970’s I designed, patented and constructed a prototype shock absorber testing device that could easily test tubular shock absorbers.   The machine was adjustable and could handle small as well as large shocks.  Because the large bus and truck shocks were  expensive it was important to determine if they were still useable after they were removed from a vehicle.   


 Transit buses, are one of  the vehicles that take a great deal of “pounding” traveling on city streets.  When a bus shock absorber was thought to be bad the usual procedure was to remove and replace all the shocks with new ones.  The used ones were then discarded.  Because of the high cost of some of these units, there was a need for a simple, low cost machine that could dynamically test them when they were removed..  The prototype tester was set up to test shock absorbers removed from buses in the NYC transit system.  Most of the shocks tested were shown to be still useable and didn’t require replacement.




Fluid Level Indicating Light


This patented device used light to provide information on the level of liquids where electrically operated float systems could not be used.  The range of fluid level was indicated with an idiot light  that changed color or showed a series of lights indicating the range from full to empty.  No electrical energy was input to the liquid storage unit, only light.



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